Reagents: AFFINOMICS Protein Binders

The major purpose of AFFINOMICS is the generation of protein binding reagents. The portal site provides an overview of all reagents generated in AFFINOMICS, finalised as well as in-progress reagents. Currently, access to this site is restricted to the consortium; public access will be provided at the end of the project at the latest.

Molecular Interactions: Mentha and IntAct
A major use case for Affinomics binding reagents is the determination of macromolecular interactions and the analysis of their biomolecular context.
IntAct is a curated molecular interaction database. In the context of Affinomics, we have curated a specific dataset containing interactions determined in the Affinomics project or by methods developed with Affinomics support.

Mentha archives molecular interaction evidence collected from IntAct and many other sources and presents these data in an aggregated, complete and comprehensive way. mentha is a resource that offers a series of tools to analyse selected proteins in the context of a network of interactions.

Cellular Systems Analysis: SIGNOR

SIGNOR, the SIGnaling Network Open Resource, is based on a collection of approximately 7000 manually-annotated logic relationships between proteins that participate in signal transduction. Each relationship is linked to the literature reporting the experimental evidence. Proteins are also annotated with chemical inhibitors that modulate their activity and antibodies that can be used for their detection.

Biomolecular Methods: MolMeth
Publicly accessible, detailed documentation of experimental protocols for generation and use is an essential component for the success of a public resource of affinity binding reagents. In the MolMeth database we provide a structured collection of experimental protocols used in Affinomics and beyond.